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Lisa Marie Simpson

Age: 15
Occupation: Student at New Springfield High School
Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Siblings: Bart and Maggie
Friends: Allison, Alex, Samantha
Enemies: Sherri, Terri, Jessica
Crushes: Colin, Luke, Jesse
Hobbies: Playing saxophone, reading old novels

Lisa is just your average teenage girl. Well, an average teenage girl with an IQ of 167 and large vocabulary. Now attending high school, Lisa's gotten more popular, along with a couple of friends. Even now, she's still tormented by Sherri and Terri, but occasionally brushes it off. Becoming more like her mother, Lisa takes up some of the family duties and always tries to get them to eat vegetarian meals. Until now, her past starts haunting her and she finds her life going down the drain. But the one thing that bothers her the most: not having a boyfriend.

Bartholemew Jojo Simpson

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at NSHS, asst. manager of Android's Dungeon
Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Siblings: Lisa and Maggie
Friends: Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph, Otto, Donny, Samantha
Enemies: Shelby, Principal Skinner, Sideshow Bob
Crushes: Gina, Alex, Jessica
Hobbies: Skateboarding, collecting comic books

If anyone in Springfield heard about Bart Simpson, they would immediately identify him as 'America's bad boy'. Now at 17, Bart's straightened up and is thinking about college, but everyone knows he is still mischievous at heart. His everyday role is to make sure that the Android's Dungeon is always selling more than it did back then. Even the most loveable people have their problems,which could affect his future. Meeting up with two girls from his past and falling for one now, plus having a long-lost friend show up, Bart's going to have to become an adult and make the right choices in life.

Margaret Jane Simpson

Age: 8
Occupation: Student at Old Springfield Elementary
Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Siblings: Bart and Lisa
Friends: Gerald, Katrina
Enemies: Rodney, Audrina
Crushes: Tomas
Hobbies: Painting, playing online games

Now an 8 year old, Maggie is glad that people can finally understand her. People often mistake her for Lisa, so she still wears her bow and has her pacifier on a chain. However, her personality is far different from Lisa's. She's outgoing, naive, and cute as a button. She's always seen with her two friends Gerald and Katrina, obsessing over the school heartthrob Tomas, or having two bullies ganging up on her for no reason. With all the problems going on with her and her family, Maggie just wants to help everyone as much as she can, but will it get her into trouble?

Homer Jay Simpson

Age: 45
Occupation: Vice President of Nuclear Power Plant
Parents: Abe and Mona Simpson
Wife: Marge Simpson
Children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Friends: Lenny, Carl, Moe, Barney
Enemies: Frank Grimes(deceased), Mr. Burns (so much more, but that's going to take forever -_-')
Hobbies: Drinking beer, hanging out at Moe's

Not much is different about Homer except that he's lost a few pounds and has more hair. After Burns retired along with Smithers, the plant has a new owner named John Stoolwell, who gets along with Homer. Everyone knows Homer's not perfect, but is there something that he's hiding that could hurt his relationship with his wife?

Marjorie Simpson

Age: 42
Occupation: Homemaker
Parents: Clancy and Jacqueline Bouvier
Siblings: Patty and Selma
Husband: Homer
Children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Friends: Manjula
Enemies: Helen, Mindy, Lurleen
Hobbies: Cleaning, painting, taking care of her family

Marge is still the same pushy and patient mother everyone knows and loves. With Bart leaving the nest soon, she tries her best to spend time with all of her children. Being very protective of her husband, she makes sure any woman with eyes for Homer turns the other cheek. But Homer might have had enough of this attitude for once.

Jessica Lovejoy

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at Tesla's School for Girls
Parents: Timothy and Helen Lovejoy
Friends: Sherri, Terri
Enemies: Lisa, Gina, Alex, Allison
Crushes: Bart
Hobbies: Breaking cars with bats, causing mischief
First Appearance: "Bart's Girlfriend"

After spending 7 years at a boarding school, her father's finally decided to let her spend her last year in Springfield. Of course, she doesn't get a warm welcome after the incident 7 years ago that caused everyone to think of her as "the devil's daughter". Her mistake made her change her attitude and learn to appreciate everything around her. Will this be enough for the Simpsons, especially Bart, to forgive her?

Milhouse Van Houten

Age: 17
Occupation:Student at NSHS,Kwik-E-Mart employee
Parents: Kirk and Luanne Van Houten
Friends: Bart,Nelson, Donny
Enemies: Martin
Crushes: Lisa, Samantha
Hobbies: Playing the bass

The weiner kid we all know has finally grown up to be less gullible and naive. The only thing that hasn't escaped him is his undying love for Lisa. Fate turns when he meets his elementary school sweetheart Samantha Stanky. The feelings that he had locked away now come to roost, but is it stronger than his thoughts of Lisa?    

Allison Taylor

Age: 14
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Parents: Wesley and Judith Taylor
Friends: Lisa, Alex, Samantha
Enemies: Sherri, Terri
Crushes: Donny
Hobbies: Playing the saxaphone, reading
First Appearance: "Lisa's Rival"

Allison and Lisa may have had a bit of a rocky relationship in the beginning, but now they're the best of friends. Most of the time you'll see them together playing the sax like there's no tomorrow. Everyone thinks of her as a good straight-A student who works hard and is always cheerful. But what will happen when she starts falling for a bonafide bad boy?

Alex Whitney

Age: 15
Occupation:Student at NSHS
Parents: Chester and Lenore Whitney
Friends: Lisa, Allison, Samantha
Enemies: Jessica, Gina
Crushes: Bart
Hobbies: Shopping, talking on the phone
First Appearance: "Lard of the Dance"

If there are two things Alex can't live without, it's her cell phone and credit cards. She's still aiming to be a fashion designer when she gets out of college. Although, under that shining exterior hides a girl with a traumatic past. Her secrets might be eating her up enough to end it all. Can anyone try to keep her from taking things a bit too far?

Samantha Stanky

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Parents: Stanley Stanky
Friends: Bart, Lisa, Allison, Alex
Enemies: Jessica, Gina, Nelson
Crushes: Milhouse
Hobbies: Reading the bible
First Appearance: "Bart's Friend Falls in Love"

After a couple of years at an all girl's school, Samantha's father let her go to New Springfield High School. Despite Bart breaking her and Milhouse up, she easily forgives him. Though not aware back then, Samantha realizes she's not the only one Milhouse has eyes on. But more importantly, does she still feel the same about him?

Gina Vendetti

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Parents: Isaac and Carol Grant
Friends: Donny, Maggie
Enemies: Jessica, Alex
Crushes: Bart
Hobbies: Being on the run, baseball
First Appearance: "The Wandering Juvie"

No one really knows what happened to Gina after her little stint with Bart and juvie. The only thing that she's memorable for is her fiery temper and tendency to make anyone her bitch. When she shows up back in Springfield, the Simpsons are happy to know she's finally got a family who loves her. Bart however, won't rest until he finds out what she's been doing these past 7 years.


Age: 18
Occupation: Boxing instructor, student at NSHS
Friends: Bart, Nelson, Milhouse
Enemies: Principal Skinner
Crushes: Gina, Allison
Hobbies: Football, boxing
First Appearance: "The Debarted"

After leaving Springfield for unknown reasons, Donny comes back to make up his final school year. Bart wastes no time with hanging out with him and making up for lost time. Surprisingly, all the girls at school remember him and have their eyes on him. He already likes someone, but notices the only girl who doesn't fall for him. He's going to have to show his sweet side in order to win her heart.


Age: 15
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Friends: Bart, Allison, Alex, Donny
Enemies: Milhouse
Crushes: Lisa
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, drums, bass, piano, trumpet
First Appearance: "The Simpsons Movie"

Ever since the dome disaster seven years ago, Lisa and Colin have been stuck together like glue. Ok, that's a lie. Colin moved back to Ireland after the incident and returned last year but with a girlfriend. Despite their rocky relationship, he's going to try and win her back. What will happen when he finds out that he's not the only one vying for her attention?

Jesse Grass

Age: 20
Occupation: Junior at Springfield University, environmentalist
Friends: Laura,Luke
Enemies: Donny, Bart
Hobbies: Gardening, sharing his moral outrage
First Appearance: "Lisa the Tree Hugger"

Jesse isn't getting into as much trouble as before, but his thoughts on the environment are still as strong as ever. He's had a couple of girlfriends, but most of them only want him for his hunkiness. Although, he still thinks about the little girl who went to great lengths to win his love. Even though deep down she knows it won't work out because of their age, but what are his views on it?

Luke Stetson

Age: 19
Occupation: Cattle wrangler, sophomore at Springfield University
Sister: Clara
Friends: Jesse, Laura
Enemies: Milhouse
Hobbies: Taking care of horses, running the Lazy I Ranch
First Appearance: "Dude, Where's My Ranch?"

Trying to make the Lazy I Ranch a place of less cruelty to animals, Luke visits Springfield to give a lecture to the local high school. There he meets Lisa and remembers the events that made him break up with her. He apologizes, hoping she won't resent him for his cold words. All he has to wait for is her reaction and answer.
Hello folks! Yeah, I actually submitted something. As some of you know, I've been wanting to make my own Simpsons fanfic and so far I thought of a summary. Here it is:

"It's 7 years into the future of Springfield and its citizens are still the same as ever. Even now, the Simpson family are still the talk of the town and thought as 'the happiest group in Springfield'. But what happens when old friends and flames show up all of a sudden along with deaths and disasters?"

That's what I have so far. I tried to make it as appealing as possible so as soon as you read the summary, you'll want to read it. Since it's the future, I made the characters older and gave them new designs. To check them out, go to my 'The Simpsons' gallery.

If you read this and like it, I would appreciate it if you gave me feedback. I want to put this on but I want to make sure if I need to fix anything for this. What is definite is that this will not go on until after June 17th, when I will have more of a free mind to type a story. Enjoy! I will love you if you do the following above ^3^!
Thelittlefairy95 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
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